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Eddleman-McFarland Home

508 South Lamar


Banker W. H. Eddleman built this wood framed Queen Anne house in 1887-1889. The original design featured a three-story tower with steep roof and finial. The estate consisted of out buildings, a servants’ quarters, barn and corrals. W. H. was married to Sarah Conger, and they had one daughter Caroline Aurelia (Carrie) in the fall of 1877. Carrie was married to F. Hays McFarland in the home on June 29,1898.

Dry goods merchant Asa Grant purchased the house in December, 1905 for $7,000. He and his wife Susan Couts Grant lived there until their deaths in 1926. Asa and Susan did not have any children, but in the 1910 census a niece Blossom (Roberta) Putnam lived in the home with them. Concerns over safety motivated the Grant family to remove the tower’s third floor and its steep roof.

 In 1931, W.S. Fant purchased the house for his daughter, Mrs. J.P. McFarland II (nee Louise Nevitt Fant) and her family. The McFarland’s remodeled the kitchen and added a bathroom and dressing room. They vastly embellished the yard with Mrs. McFarland’s roses, iris, tulips, and other plantings. The McFarland’s had two children, James Porter and Louise. Ms. Louise never married and lived with her mother and took care of her in her aging years. Their daughter, Louise McFarland, resided in this stately residence until her death in 2007.


508 S Lamar taken abt 1900


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