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J.M. Richards Home

211 East Lee


This wonderful home was constructed in 1898 by Parker County Judge J. M. Richards.  Originally built as a one-story, three-room structure, the home has evolved over the years to include a second story and twelve rooms.  Interior features include numerous ornate mantels, original hard-wood floors, carved mouldings, and many period- style furnishings.  A 67-year old Magnolia tree and a delightful picket fence adorn the home’s exterior.  Judge Richards and his wife Irene borrowed $1000.00 for the construction of the home in 1898.  During a forty-year period of ownership by Mr. A. W. Luckett begun in 1944, the home served as a boarding house with four separate kitchens. Restoration work the created the home’s current floor plan was begun in the 1980’s.


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