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MacKenzie Home

202 East Lee


The home was built in 1902 for prominent physician and early-day Mayor Dr. John R. MacKenzie.  Dr. MacKenzie was a native of Tennessee, veteran of the Civil War and a former Yankee prisoner. The frame structure incorporates Greek Revival and Victorian styles, this building is considered a rural interpretation of classical revival architecture. The front porch is graced by Roman Doric columns.  Of special interest is the rusticated native limestone foundation. 


After his death the home was purchased in 1912 by his nephew, Dr. Wm. Y. MacKenzie.  After “Doc Bill’s” death in 1935 his widow continued to reside in the home until 1953.  Purchased by Weatherford College in 1961, the home was opened in 1962 as a dorm for 18 basketball players.  It has since been restored to a one-family residence.  Structural items of interest include four fireplaces, three which share one chimney; and a native limestone foundation.


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